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  1. 規約への同意

    このウェブサイト ( で公表された音楽の著作物(音声、楽譜、歌詞、旋律および題号を含む。以下「本著作物」という。)を利用する場合は、最初に、規約に同意しなければなりません。

  2. 本規約の使用言語


  3. 定義


    1. 著作者」 著作物を創作した者をいいます。
    2. 著作権者」 著作権を有する者をいいます。
    3. 二次的著作物」 著作物を翻訳し、編曲し、もしくは変形し、または脚色し、映画化し、その他、翻案することにより創作した著作物をいいます。
    4. 私的使用」 個人的に、または家庭内、その他、これに準ずる限られた範囲内において使用することをいいます。
    5. VOCALOID Version」 本ウェブサイトにいう「VOCALOID Version」とは、歌声合成ソフトウェア「VOCALOID」製品を使用して生成された合成音声(人工的に作り出した人間の音声)を使用した音声ファイルをいいます。
      VOCALOID Version」を利用(私的使用を目的とする場合を除く。)する場合は、歌声合成ソフトウェアの発売元から許諾を得るものとします。
    6. 本規約にいう「公衆」には、特定かつ多数の者を含むものとします。

  4. 著作権

    1. 著作者


      Atsushi Fukuda (

    2. 著作物の利用

      次に掲げる利用方法および条件の範囲内において、本著作物(「VOCALOID Version」を除く。)を利用することができます。

      1. 条件


      2. 利用方法


      3. 使用料


      4. 許諾を得る手続


  5. 責任制限


  6. 差止請求権


  7. 準拠法および紛争解決地

    1. 準拠法


    2. 紛争解決地


Last modified: January 03, 2020


  1. Accepting the Terms

    In order to use the musical works ("musical works" includes an audio, a score, lyrics, melody and title; hereinafter referred to as "these works") already made public on this website (, you must first agree to the terms.
    You may not use these works if you do not accept the terms.

  2. Language of The Terms

    If there is any contradiction between what the Japanese language version of the terms says and what the English language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.

  3. Definitions

    In the terms, the meanings of the terms listed in the following items shall be as prescribed respectively in those items:

    1. "author" means a person who created the work.
    2. "copyright holder" means the owner of the copyright.
    3. "derivative work" means a work created by translating, arranging musically, or transforming, or dramatizing, cinematizing or otherwise adapting a pre-existing work.
    4. "private use" means personal use or family use or other equivalent uses within a limited scope.
    5. "VOCALOID Version" As used in the terms, "VOCALOID Version" means an audio file of music created using the voice synthesis software "VOCALOID".
      If you use the "VOCALOID Version" (excluding, however, private use purposes.), you are required to obtain authorization from the seller of the voice synthesis software.
    6. As used in the terms, "the public" includes a large number of specified persons.

  4. Copyright

    1. Author

      The author and the copyright holder of these works as of January 01, 2020 is:

      Atsushi Fukuda (

    2. Exploit Works

      You are free to use these works (excluding, however, "VOCALOID Version".) under the following manners and conditions.

      1. Conditions

        You should clearly indicate the name of the author of these works when these works are offered or made available to the public.
        The author shall have the same right with respect to the indication of the author's name when derivative works from these works are offered or presented to the public.

      2. Manners

        In principle free.

      3. Royalties


      4. Procedures for Obtaining Authorization


  5. Limitation of Liability

    You expressly understand and agree that author of these works shall not be liable to you.

  6. Right to Seek Injunction

    The author or the copyright holder may demand that persons infringing, or presenting a risk of infringing, on his moral rights of author, or copyright, as applicable, cease the infringement or not infringe, as the case may be.

  7. Choice of Law and Location for Resolving Disputes

    1. Choice of Law

      The terms, shall be governed by Japan law.

    2. Location for Resolving Disputes

      The exploiter of these works and the author of these works agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court that has jurisdiction over the location of the general venue of the author of these works to resolve any legal matter arising from the terms.

    * VOCALOID and VOCALO are trademarks of Yamaha Corporation.

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